New member for Hospital Auxiliary

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THE Crookwell Hospital Auxiliary committee held their monthly meeting on Monday 11 April 2016.

Members present were welcomed by President Ms J Edwards and a welcome to our new member, Peter Davis.

Mr Davis was then introduced to the group giving a very interesting talk on the Dementia and

Delirium Care hospital volunteer program, covering eight local hospitals recruiting and training volunteers, another service we are fortunate to have in our area.

A training program is available for volunteers on enrolment.

Some duties include helping patients on a one-on-one basis assisting with reading, talking on

points about current events, eating, drinking and a general support in activities like playing cards, games

and general support for their well-being.

Mr Davis can be contacted on 0409123045 for more information.

Some members journeyed to Young for the Zone Day in March.

Each Auxiliary in the area was represented by at least two representatives.

They received excellent hospitality and shared ideas for fundraising, such as catering and small shops.

Their collection boxes and raffles are doing well thanks to community support.

The next Meeting will be held on Monday May 9, in the meeting room at the Hospital.

New members are most welcome. Enquiries please phone 48320849 or 48320044.

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