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TRAFFIC CALL: Alan Moret believes there should be more red light cameras in order to stop people running red lights.RED LIGHTSOn April 6, I noticed two red light runners, one at the Bass Highway and Mount Street.Another at Bass Highway and Edwardes street, this one was a semi.This seems to be a common practice to race the lights. Bring back red light camerasto catch these offenders.

Alan Moret, Shorewell Park

LIBERAL TICKETHow on Earth did Abetz the minister for doing nothing get top spot on the ticket. He must be the best backside kisser of all time.What has he ever done? If I gave him a postage stamp to list his achievements he would not run out of space. Mr Colbeck it looks asthough you should not have been absent atthe election.

Dugald Skeggs, Somerset

IN OWN BACKYARDThe plight of Sally Faulkner, her Lebanese husband and their children could be seen as a situation not overly common.From an international level it is not the norm for parents to move their children out of the country of their birth and away from the other parent. However, at a local level it is happening in every city, town and street we live.

Thousands of parents, in most cases the mother, bombarding their own children with psychological manipulation and social engineering that will have a long lasting detrimental effect upon them. Devious organisation of every minute of their children’s lives in order to make it almost impossible for the estranged parent to establish any regular access. Special occasions, school holidays, family court orders are all totally disregarded. This is achieved under the guise of “what is best for the children” when in fact it is nothing more than revenge.

I applaud any effort of the Australian Government to repair access matters where children are taken out of the country but do not forget and recognise what is happening to thousands of separated parents across this country each and every day.

Kevin Brown, Riana

LAPOINYA CLEARINGRe: The Advocate on April 23, a contributed pieceJoan Rylah MP for Braddon.

She criticised her constituents for objecting to the indiscriminate land clearing operation performed by Forestry Tas (land clearing).

Every standing growth goes and what is left is swept into windrows to burn when lightning strikes.

Perhaps Joan Rylah MP may be able to supply to the public and complainants from Lapoinya the quantities of timber taken:

Peelers to Ta-Ann,Smithton.Saw logs to Somerset and Smithton sawmills.Woodchip logs, some split from end to endI know how much went to Bell Bay, it all passes my front door.

As to relevancy between Bob Brown and Joan Rylah, I leave it to the readers.

Ray Jones, Burnie

LOST IN TRANSLATIONWhat is the point of Will Hodgman spruiking Tasmania’s wares in China when he knows he doesn’t have the hydro power to produce them?

Adrian Spencer,Ulverstone

ROAD CASUALTYI sincerely hope the driver of the vehicle that killed a magnificent wedge-tailed eagle on a straight stretch of road on the Murchison Highway, on April 9, suffers a guilty conscience.This conscience may make you think and be more considerate in the future.

Brian (Timmy) Groves,North Motton

SHIPPING REFORMWith regard to Australian seafarers on Australian ships.There are no Australian shipping companies that own and operate container vessels.

William Jones, Wishart, Qld

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