Fencing formed to withstand weight

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WE KNOW FENCING: Russel Durnan from Australian Farm and Fencing with the new heavy duty Gal SteelTuff.

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A leadingAustralian wiremanufacturer, SouthernWireis nowmanufacturing a new brandof wire called Griplock Premier, which has a new non-slip super-strong fixed knotconfiguration holding thehorizontal and vertical wireslocked tightly together.

The non-slip Griplockfixed knot prevents slippagewhen under severe pressurefrom both livestock and vermin alike and the knot hasbeen independently testedat up to 236 per cent strongerthan some traditional fencewire knots like ring joint.

Russel and Lindy Durnan, owners of AustralianFarm and Fencing in Waggaare your local supplier ofGriplock Premier and another Southern Wire productcalled Farm Fence, which isextremely popular also withits new square knot and verycompetitive price tag.

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Australian Farm and FencingRussel Durnan has 20years experience in the fencing business and said a fenceor wire product is only asgood as the knot that holdsit together and Griplock hasthe strongest knot in themarket by far.

“In an independent laboratory test the Griplock knotwithstood well over a thirdof a tonne of force before theknot gave way,” he said.

With high tensile line,wires and one-piece verticalwires joined with the unique‘fixed knot’ joint, Griplockboasts maximum resistanceto impact damage.

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