A parallel universe?Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor,

Was there confirmation of a parallel universe last week in the Boorowa News?

It was with interest that I read Mr Johnson’s letter and noted the tone.

My letter tried to make two distinct points.

The first point was that quoting “hearsay” could work both for and against a doctor.

I gave an example of this.

The second point was that, in effect, the columnist was providing a personal recommendation for an unknown doctor by publishing “hearsay.”

People make up their own minds based on their own experiences.

Perhaps I did not express myself clearly enough.

I take Mr J’s point that the columnist quoted “hearsay “.

Like gossip and innuendo, “hearsay” has consequences.

Sometimes the consequences are not those that are expected.

I did not comment on Dr Scott as a medical practitioner or as a person.

If anything, I suggested that a comparison with Dr Scott may well be detrimental to the new doctor, given Doctor Scott’s reputation.

Knowing Dr Scott, knowing the guidance and experience he provided for my son, (a doctor) who completed his rural, medical placement with him, knowing the care he provided for my parents and family, like many Boorowa residents, I hold Dr Scott in high esteem.

I am gobsmacked, flummoxed, flabbergasted and completely at a loss as to the inference found, conclusion drawn and perceived threat made by the correspondent.

He read something into my letter that was, quite frankly, just not there!

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, comprehension is in the mind of the reader.

The correspondent did get one thing correct – my name! (5 TIMES).

Was I intimidated? I think not.

My husband laughingly reminded me that Harry Callahan, (that’s Dirty Harry), said in the movie The Dead Pool: “Opinions are like a—-. Everyone’s got one!”

The letter by Noel Johnson, provided an interesting twist I must say!

Was there a parallel universe last week?

Methinks there was!

Yours faithfully,

Jennifer Carter

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