Apple refreshes its super-thin 12-inch MacBook

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Apple’s 2016 MacBook. Photo: AppleApple has today updated its diminutive 12-inch MacBook, adding new processors and the option for a ‘rose gold’ (aka pink metal) finish, but sticking with the one-USB-port design that many fans were critical of the first time around.
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Originally introduced in March last year, the machine known simply as ‘MacBook’ now comes with an Intel Skylake processor in both models, not just the high-end version, and also features a snappier graphics processor. It still comes with 8GB of RAM across the board, but its battery has been bumped up slightly which should combine with the economy of the Skylake to deliver several more hours of usage.

The most notable aspect of the update is what has not been changed, namely the single USB-C port that must be used for charging, connecting storage devices, connecting peripherals and outputting video. Doing any more than one of those things at a time will require the use of adapters or hubs, which was a major complaint thrown at the original MacBook and looks to still be a sticking point a year later.And the worst: New MacBook with HDMI a dongle and then another USBS dongle and accessories. Dongle hell! pic.twitter南京夜网/p9Al8v03ZK— Raymond Wong (@raywongy) March 10, 2015

Of course the minimalist design allows for a very thin and light laptop (1.31cm at its thickest point, 920 grams), and Apple would surely suggest that most workflows could be managed wirelessly using iCloud, AirPlay and Bluetooth. You might also argue that if somebody wanted portability and ports, there are several models of MacBook Air and Macbook Pro available which let you add USB accessories to your heart’s content.

Speaking of adding stuff, the 2016 MacBook comes with a modest price bump as well. While this time last year you’d pay $1799 for the 256GB model and $2199 for the 512GB (which also has a faster processor), the 2016 models are $1999 and $2449 respectively.

You can order one from today directly from Apple.

2016 MacBook specs:12-inch LED display at 2304 x 1440Intel Core m3 at 1.1Ghz, or Intel Core m5 at 1.2Ghz8GB RAM256GB flash storage or 512GB flash storageIntel HD Graphics 515480p FaceTime camera

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Mittagong secures big win

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April Hamilton controls the ball during a 2015 hockey game. Photo: Josh BartlettMITTAGONG flexed its premiership muscles with a crushing win on Friday night.
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The Mittagong first grade ladies hockey team recorded a 5-0 win over Burrawang at Welby.

The match signaled round three of the Southern Highlands Hockey Association’s winter competition.

Two goals apiece to Karen Hamilton and Rebecca Cross guided Mittagong to victory.

Rachel Eringa started the scoring when a rebound from a short corner found the back of the net.

Hamilton registered the second goal on the back of a nice pass from her daughter April.

Mittagong led 2-0 at half time.

Cross scored the next two goals from short corners to help her team take a 4-0 lead.

Hamilton completed the rout when she scored a goal on the back of good passing from team mates.

Mittagong coach Yolande Isedale said it was a solid win by her side.

“We’re happy with the result, we played really well,” she said.

“But we are looking at little specifics and there is a lot of work in front of us.”

Isedale said 2016 would be a rebuilding year for Mittagong.

“We are bringing a lot of juniors up this year and we have a young side,” he said.

“Most of our players are between 13 and 16 years.”

Burrawang headed into Friday’s game under strength, with a large contingent of players unavailable.

However, Burrawang captain Meaghan Stanton said she didn’t want to make excuses for the loss.

“Mittagong played a good game,” she said.

Stanton said Burrawang’s best were forward Jamie Binder and goalkeeper Tara Bevan.

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World of more craft

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TREELIKE: Meredith Woolnough’s red coral branch at Timeless Textiles, exploring the world of nature.
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TWO new exhibitions suggest that Newcastle fibre artists are creating something unique. Or is this part of a universal trend to bring traditional female textile processes into an avant-garde gallery setting and inevitably blur forever the boundaries between art and craft?

Newcastle has what is still the sole professional specialist textile gallery in Australia. Meredith Woolnough has exhibited at Timeless Textiles virtually since its inception, though she is now widely celebrated for her innovative labour-intensive image making with thread. Did she discover for herself that her sewing machine could be used to make lyrical linear structures? They increasingly contrast delicate tracery with dense sculptural patterning, built up in countless layers of stitching.

Her present exhibition at Timeless Textiles until May 15 is based on details from the world of nature. There are closely observed leaves of begonias, waterlilies and eucalypts, whose veined growth patterns are clearly defined. Corals also make ideal subjects, both as treelike forms and dense colonies.A new development translates the spiral of a tiny seaweedy marine creature into a vibrant freestanding sculpture. The piecesmust have taken many weeks of concentrated stitching, of meditative dedication.

Meredith Woolnough is now one of the Hunter’s most exhibited professional artists, with work in up to eight shows a year in the few years since she graduated from COFA.

FANTASTIC FABRICFORTUITOUSLY, another textile artist is brilliantly represented across the road at Curve Gallery until April 30 in a joint exhibition with photomedia artist Clare Weeks, based on the manipulated figure.

There are about 50of Gillian Bencke’s fabric creatures on the walls or suspended, gently rotating, from the ceiling. They come in many humanoid variations, having evolved from two legs to three, four or even more, all individually hand sewn, using a wealth of patterned fabrics and the contents of several family button bags, with much of the fabric recycled. They display a rich preloved life and inexhaustible variety and vitality.

Many of us who made and loved golliwogs before they became politically insensitive will recall how they came to amazing individual life once their button eyes were attached. But Gillian Bencke takes this minor miracle well beyond family fun. Hers is genuine artmaking, requiring fertile imagination and much time in the studio.

Such intimations of an alternative creation are subliminally enhanced by the disturbing photo collages of Clare Weeks.This is a new form of image making for a widely respected teacher whose work has been exhibited in many places over the years. Autobiography becomes surreal in these prints of disembodied limbs, strangely interactive. Without the connecting body, arms and legs become odd, unexpected living entities. It’s an apparently simple idea that reverberates into metaphysics. Like the fabric menagerie, these photographs take the imagination into some curiously provocative places.

WATER CYCLETHE exhibition at the Lovett Gallery until May 14 is both book launch and school holiday activity, as well as a chance to see Liz Anelli’s sketches and finished illustrations for Desert Lake: the story of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre.The cycle of events from salty desert to flood-fuelled burst of life and back to desert makes a powerful story. Despite the infrequent inundation, frogs and other life forms survive for years in the mud under the salt, waiting for the lake to reappear as storm waters drain into it from an area the sixth of Australia.This must be an amazing spectacle, loud with birds, leaping with fish, producing instant ecosystems and, here on the gallery walls, illustrations rich in detail.

OPEN TO ALLAT Newcastle Art Space until May 1 is a show open to all comers, with works by a new generation of artists, plus such stalwarts as Leslie Duffin, Peter Lankas and Gwendolin Lewis.Particularly notable are Jane Blackall’s meticulously collaged Customs House made of paper and card, Alison Pateman’s reduction linocuts and the balletic bonsai melaleuca by Hugh Grant and Andrew Fitzgerald.

Not to forget the dishevelled clay skeleton by James E. McFarland, cynically titled Waiting for the train.

CONNECTIVITY: Clare Weeks explores the human form in ‘trace #10’.

IMAGINATION: Detail of Gillian Bencke’s ‘No such thing as a fish’ at Curve Gallery.

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Thunder home season kicks off this weekend

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Thunder’s Jack Barrow pushes through a tackle in a match last year.
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Jimboomba Thunder will have every one of their teams, from under 6s to open’s playing at home for the first time this year this weekend.

Kicking off 730pm Friday night, games will run right through until early Saturday evening, a total of 18 games being played at The Thunderdome.

“With our juniors playing in the Gold Coast Competition, the Men in the Brisbane Second Division and Women in the South East Queensland competition it’s been quite difficult to get all our teams together at the one ground but thankfully the leagues have been understanding of our situation,“club president Neil Richards said.

“The enthusiasm from the coaches, volunteers and committee is unlike anything I have experienced in my time here at the club. So many people have been willing to put their hands up to get involved, offering their expertise to oversee the new canteen and menu, look after the grounds or educate our coaches and managers.”

Thunder’s under 12s, 13s and men’s teams registered wins last weekend and the club is confident of a good showing in front of their hometown supporters on the recently resurfaced South Street Thunderdome.

“Not only do we have a great new field we have more works scheduled to start in late May. For the first time the club will have showers and change rooms,a second full size oval and an additional mini/mod field. This weekend is the start of a big couple of years for the club,” Richards said.

The club plans to play tribute to the ANZAC spirit over the weekend.

The club plans to play tribute to the ANZAC spirit over the weekend.

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Fishermen pursue support

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MUGGED: One of many long-nosed fur seals near the Tauwitchere Barrages that are causing the need for fisherman to seek financial aid from government, according to local members of parliament Tony Pasin and Jamie Briggs.With“half of the industry on the edge of bankruptcy”, local members of parliament request financial aid for Coorong fishermen.
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Member for Barker Tony Pasin and Member for Mayo Jamie Briggs have requested accessto the Farm Household Allowance for the fishermen of the Lower Lakes and Coorong.

Mr Pasin and Mr Briggs spokewithMinister for Agriculture and Water ResourcesBarnaby Joyce to extend the initial request for aid from the Southern Fisherman Association.

According to Mr Pasin, state government has refused to facilitate a sustainable harvest of theseals, “despite calls to do so from across the political spectrum”.

“The destruction caused by these seals to fish stocks and fishing equipment has resulted in unprecedented financial hardship to the members of the Southern Fishermen’s Association,” he said.

Mr Pasin said many of the fishermenhave no alternative source of income.

President of the Southern Fisherman Association Gary Harrison said the financial aid would create short-termbreathing space for struggling fishermen.

“We wrote to Barnaby Joycebecause wild catch fishers do not receive household assistance butbills keep mounting –I’m working 100 days more a year andstill not making money,” he said.

“I’m concerned for at least seven businesses who will not survive the year.”

Mr Harrison stressed the need for a net fee release.

“People can no longer afford the $200 nets when they’re damaged and destroyed every day,” he said.“It’s like getting mugged every day of the week.”

Coorong Wild Seafood co-owner TracyHill said their income has halved since the seals arrived.

“We have two licenses worth $90,000 and people would not pay $1 for them now,” she said.

Mr Briggs said withoutfinancial aid,many fishermenwillpetition for bankruptcyand “forgo their fishing license in order to claim unemployment benefits”.

A spokesperson for Barnaby Joyce said he is advised wild catch fishermen operating in shared waters fall outside the legislated definition of farmers eligible for assistance under Farm Household Allowance at this stage.

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Not alone in hearing voices

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SUPPORT: The Ulladulla Hearing Voices support group will meet next on April 27. The Ulladulla Hearing Voices support group is a community initiative to promote recovery for those who hear voices and reduce the stigma associated with hearing voices.
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The support group is a part of a larger network across Australia, Hearing Voices Network NSW, a movement of voice hearers, professionals and carers that operates all around the world.

Around the world, groups of people who hear voices meet and talk, sharing viewpoints and strategies to support each other, telling their stories and exploring ways to work with, rather than against their voices in order to reclaim control and rebuild their lives.

The Ulladulla support group is a social support group not Therapy or Clinical. Families and friends are also invited to join and connect with the group as allies.

The aims of the hearing voices support groups are to accept thathearing voices are valid human experiences and you’re not alone in it.To groupencourages hope, believing in each person’s resilience and capacity to take control of their experiences and recovery.

It also providesa safe and non-judgemental environment for people to talk freely about their experiences.

The Ulladulla Group meets every twoweeks at theDunn Lewis Centre,141 St Vincent Street, Ulladulla from 11am-12.30pm.

UPCOMING DATES:27th April,11th May, 25th May,8th June, 22nd June.

For more information contact Suzanne Lenton on4455 1310 or9393 9530.

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Area’s grape growers pull up stumps

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THE Wine Grapes Marketing Board believes more and more growers in the Leeton shire and wider region are tearing out their vineyards in favour of new opportunities.
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Last month growers in the MIA received a letter from the board that discussed limited growth for domestic markets.

Market conditions and the Australian Dollar have also had an impact. The board wrote “it is the opinion of the board and a number ofwineries that grape growers are not likely to receive any increase in their returnsin the foreseeable future”.

Board chief executive officer Brian Simpson said the organisation needed to be upfront with growers.

“For those that weren’t making a return now, it was looking more and more like they wouldn’t be anytime soon,” he said.

“Our growers are our top priority.

“It is disappointing, but there are still opportunities out there for these growers.”

Mr Simpson said he had heard anecdotally of growers ripping out their vines to make room for new crops.

“There’s still plenty out there that growers in this situation can do,” he said.

“There appears to be more opportunities with other crops.

“However, we do understand there is uncertainty out there.”

With this in mind, the board will be holding an agriculture options workshop at the Griffith Regional Theatre. The event will be in the Burley Griffin Room on May 12 from 8am to 2pm.

“We’ll be discussing the many opportunities that are out there,” Mr Simpson said.

“It’s free and open to all to come along to.”

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Anzac match headlines Round One

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CONTEST: Mallee Park’s John Miller and Tasman’s Matt James stretched out to try and take a mark during last year’s Anzac Day match.
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FRIDAY evening will bethe start of the first round in the Port Lincoln Football League. It will be an action packed long weekend with three matches played acrossthree separate days.

Tasman vsWayback, Ravendale

The 2016 season will start with a twilight game on Friday at Ravendale between two traditional rivals, Tasman and Wayback.

Both clubs have a lot to prove and they have also lost a lot of big name players since last season.

Tasman have lost big names including Jace Rodda and Sam Clements but if some of their new recruits line up this weekend, they should have plenty of run behind them.

Meanwhile Wayback will be missing the Maxfields and the Montgomeries but likewise should have some new faces line up and if they can apply the ferocious offensive pressure displayed in its wins against Boston and Mallee Park last year it will be a long day out for the Roosters.

Both teams will be out to prove that the losses won’t affect them and the match may be too close to call.

With the home ground advantage and maybe some more run behind them, maybe look at a Tasman win first up.

Lincoln South vsMarble Range, Centenary Oval

The two bottom sides from last year have made some big changes to their sides and are pushing for a finals berth.

Marble Range has welcomed some big names in Tom Gent from Tumby Bay and Brock Laube from Spencer Gulf, if they front up they will be of great help tothe Rangers.

Meanwhile Lincoln South hasalso welcomed some major acquisitions including Swayne Ackland and Mitch Jolly, but it may be its younger brigade including Levi McDonald and Jamie Doudle who will lift them.

This is a good launching pad for the two clubs as we may see what we can expect from them for the remainder of the season.

It’s a tough call, but look for Lincoln South to score a narrow victory.

Mallee Park vsBoston, Centenary Oval (Anzac Day)

The must see match of the round will see an Anzac Day grand final rematch between reigning premiers Mallee Park and runners-up Boston.

With a midfield including Jayden Roderick and Mail Medallist Kingsley Bilney Jnr, Mallee Parkwill have plenty of pace behind them and also look out for the dangerous Johncock combination down in the forward line.Despite some big outs from the previous season, notably Harry Carslake and Malcolm Miller, Boston will have some handy inclusions on hand including Michael Tabe and Adam Hywood.Boston will need to stop Mallee Park in the midfield as once they get going they are difficult to stop.It will be a great match but unless Boston can get on top early, expect another Mallee Park win.

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Canberra radio ratings: Mix 106.3 ousts 666 as most popular station

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ABC radio’s Philip Clark topped Canberra’s breakfast radio ratings yet again – but another station is hot on his heels. Kristen and Rod of Mix 106.3 are closing in on Philip Clark at 666 ABC Canberra. Photo: Supplied
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104.7’s new breakfast team Ryan Jon and Tanya Hennessy are two of the new faces in the Canberra radio wars. Photo: Jay Cronan

666 ABC Canberra’s tightfisted grip on the breakfast radio slot appears to be slipping.

Mix 106.3 emerged as Canberra’s most listened to station in the latest GfK Radio Ratings Survey, ousting 666 ABC Canberra, and is closing in on top spot in the breakfast ratings too.

While 666 ABC Canberra still attracted almost a fifth (19 per cent) of listeners from 5.30am until 9am, Monday to Friday, the quarterly radio ratings released on Wednesday revealed its lead has narrowed.

Mix 106.3’s Kristen and Rod steered their breakfast show to be the second most listened to station in the lucrative breakfast slot, spiking 5.8 percentage points to claim just under a sixth (15.9 per cent) of Canberra listeners.

ABC Radio National 2RN increased three percentage points to make it the third most listened-to station in the breakfast slot.

666 Canberra overthrew Hit 104.7 as the most listened to radio station in September last year, but this is the first survey released since the major shakeup in Canberra’s radio scene earlier this year.

In the intervening months, both Hit 104.7 breakfast radio hosts Scotty and Nige left the station – although Nigel Johnson has migrated over to the Drive slot at 104.7’s stablemate, Mix 106.3 – and a new breakfast team, Ryan and Tanya, began occupying the chair.

But Ryan and Tanya have thus far failed to wrest the lead back, with their audience share falling back 2.4 percentage points to 12.5 per cent in the breakfast slot.

Despite this, the station ranked number two in terms of overall popularity.

2CC’s new breakfast show with ‘Demtel man’ Tim Shaw at the helm has also failed to make waves, with its slice of the Canberra market falling slightly to 6.3 per cent.

Canberra 104.7 was overwhelming the most popular station for those aged from 10-39, attracting nearly half (44.7 per cent) of listeners aged between 10 and 17, more than a quarter (29.1 per cent) of those aged 18-24 and more than a fifth (22.3 per cent ) of people aged 25-39.

Mix 106.3 proved most popular with those aged 40-54, attracting more than a fifth (20.2 per cent) of listeners

It also dominated the morning and afternoon slots, with the station’s drive segment neck-and-neck with Canberra 104.7.

Canberra FM Radio General Manager Eoghan O’Byrne said about half of Canberra tuned into Hit 104.7 and MIX 106.3 every week.

ABC 666 began to claw back listeners aged 55-plus, with about one in five (19.4 per cent) listeners aged 55-64 and nearly one in three (31.9 per cent) aged over 65 tuning in.

The survey period ran from February 14 until  April 9. This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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Stephen Colbert mocks Johnny Depp and Amber Heard apology video

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‘This woman is not my wife, and I am truly sorry for smuggling her into your country’ … Stephen Colbert mocks Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s apology with the help of a younger actress. Photo: Screenshot Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in their ‘heartfelt’ apology video. Photo: Screenshot
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Johnny Depp dogs case: Amber Heard pleads guiltyJohnny Depp and Amber Heard’s biosecurity video ‘reviewed’

Barnaby Joyce is going to love this.

Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show, has satirised that excruciating apology from Hollywood couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

In the bizarre clip – likened by some to a “hostage situation” – the stars said they were “truly sorry” for smuggling their dogs, Pistol and Boo, into Australia.

On Monday, Heard was handed a one-month good behaviour bond with no conviction. Instead, she and Depp released a brief video apology.

Deputy Prime Minister Joyce – who, as agriculture minister, threatened to destroy the Yorkshire terriers last year – reviewed Depp’s performance thusly: “Atrocious … even I could have done a little better … do it with gusto, mate.”

Even better than Depp having another crack, of course, is a parody of their efforts.

On his late night program, Colbert asks his audience if they have seen the video. Then he explains the couple could have been jailed for up to ten years for sneaking their dogs into Australia on their private jet.

He had a theory about why their mea culpa was so strange: perhaps some armed kangaroos made them do it.

In his own version, Colbert plays Depp while a younger woman is cast as Heard.

“Australia is a land surrounded by sharks and kangaroos and blooming onions,” she begins.

“Australia is a truly love lady,” Colbert/Depp adds.

“And that goes double for all the angry men who make you do these videos.” (In September, Depp called Joyce “some kind of sweaty, big-gutted man from Australia” at a press conference in Italy.)

Younger woman: “I am truly sorry that on a recent visit to your country, we failed to declare our dogs, Sparkles, Lurch and Colonel Dog Face.”

Colbert: “Nor did we declare my colony of parakeets, whom I rightfully call The Funky bunch. Nor my two 500-pound feral hogs, Niles and Frasier. It was wrong. Even if they are service animals. Which they are not.”

Younger woman: “Australia is a magic upside down land, where the toilets flush backwards.”

Colbert: “I would also like to state: this woman is not my wife, and I am truly sorry for smuggling her into your country. She has not had her shots.”

Younger woman: “Also, I bite.”

At this point, Depp/Colbet honours our “proud island of British degenerates” with a go on a didgeridoo, followed by some of Men at Work’s Down Under.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel has also addressed the saga on his show.

“This is uncomfortable to watch,” he said.

“Let’s run the rest of it through a Snapchat filter and see if it’s better that way.” 

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World’s best island for 2016: TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards for 2016

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If there was one word every Australian traveller should start using – it’s aloha. Why?
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TripAdvisor has named Maui, Hawaii’s second-largest island, as the number one island destination in the world to visit in 2016 – that’s enough cause to put on a floral shirt, book in some leave and board a flight halfway across the Pacific: Aloha.

Maui knocked off last year’s winner Providenciales in Turks and Caicos, which dropped three spots to number four.

Hawaii’s island claimed the top spot, beating out Greece’s most stunning island and Europe’s most intriguing, Santorini (No.2); Australia’s long-time favourites, Bali (No.5) and Phuket (No.8); and Spain’s Majorca (No.6), which in recent years has attracted more notoriety for it bars than beaches.

Maui was noted for having one world’s most amazing beaches with turquoise waters along with a diverse landscape that includes bamboo forests and Haleakala Crater, a dormant volcano that sits 3000 metres above sea level.

Other exotic island paradises in the top 10 were Jamaica (No.3), Mauritius (No.7), Bora Bora (No.9) and Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha (No.10). See the full list below.

In the South Pacific, Bora Bora was named the number one island to visit with Fiji’s Viti Levu and Aitutaki in the Cook Islands coming in second and third, respectively. Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island were the only two Australian islands to make the list, just squeezing into the 9th and 10th spots. See the full list below.

Winners of TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice awards for top island destinations were determined using an algorithm that took into account the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants and attractions on islands worldwide collected over a 12-month period, as well as traveller booking interest on TripAdvisor. World’s top 10 island destinationsTop 10 islands in the South Pacific

See also: TripAdvisor names best hotel in the world for 2016 See also: TripAdvisor names world’s best beach for 2016

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Letters to the editor

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TRAFFIC CALL: Alan Moret believes there should be more red light cameras in order to stop people running red lights.RED LIGHTSOn April 6, I noticed two red light runners, one at the Bass Highway and Mount Street.Another at Bass Highway and Edwardes street, this one was a semi.This seems to be a common practice to race the lights. Bring back red light camerasto catch these offenders.
Nanjing Night Net

Alan Moret, Shorewell Park

LIBERAL TICKETHow on Earth did Abetz the minister for doing nothing get top spot on the ticket. He must be the best backside kisser of all time.What has he ever done? If I gave him a postage stamp to list his achievements he would not run out of space. Mr Colbeck it looks asthough you should not have been absent atthe election.

Dugald Skeggs, Somerset

IN OWN BACKYARDThe plight of Sally Faulkner, her Lebanese husband and their children could be seen as a situation not overly common.From an international level it is not the norm for parents to move their children out of the country of their birth and away from the other parent. However, at a local level it is happening in every city, town and street we live.

Thousands of parents, in most cases the mother, bombarding their own children with psychological manipulation and social engineering that will have a long lasting detrimental effect upon them. Devious organisation of every minute of their children’s lives in order to make it almost impossible for the estranged parent to establish any regular access. Special occasions, school holidays, family court orders are all totally disregarded. This is achieved under the guise of “what is best for the children” when in fact it is nothing more than revenge.

I applaud any effort of the Australian Government to repair access matters where children are taken out of the country but do not forget and recognise what is happening to thousands of separated parents across this country each and every day.

Kevin Brown, Riana

LAPOINYA CLEARINGRe: The Advocate on April 23, a contributed pieceJoan Rylah MP for Braddon.

She criticised her constituents for objecting to the indiscriminate land clearing operation performed by Forestry Tas (land clearing).

Every standing growth goes and what is left is swept into windrows to burn when lightning strikes.

Perhaps Joan Rylah MP may be able to supply to the public and complainants from Lapoinya the quantities of timber taken:

Peelers to Ta-Ann,Smithton.Saw logs to Somerset and Smithton sawmills.Woodchip logs, some split from end to endI know how much went to Bell Bay, it all passes my front door.

As to relevancy between Bob Brown and Joan Rylah, I leave it to the readers.

Ray Jones, Burnie

LOST IN TRANSLATIONWhat is the point of Will Hodgman spruiking Tasmania’s wares in China when he knows he doesn’t have the hydro power to produce them?

Adrian Spencer,Ulverstone

ROAD CASUALTYI sincerely hope the driver of the vehicle that killed a magnificent wedge-tailed eagle on a straight stretch of road on the Murchison Highway, on April 9, suffers a guilty conscience.This conscience may make you think and be more considerate in the future.

Brian (Timmy) Groves,North Motton

SHIPPING REFORMWith regard to Australian seafarers on Australian ships.There are no Australian shipping companies that own and operate container vessels.

William Jones, Wishart, Qld

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Anti-Woolworths group disappointed by council decision​

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Don’t Bomb Bomaderry spokesperson Wes Hindmarsh.
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DON’T Bomb Bomaderry spokesperson Wes Hindmarsh said Shoalhaven City Council’s decision to approve a proposed Woolworths supermarket in Bomaderry could set a dangerous precedent.

Mr Hindmarsh was left disappointed and bewildered by council’s decision to overturn a staff recommendation and approve the proposal on Tuesday night.

Team Gash councillors voted as a blocto approve the proposal 8-5.

The $13.8 million supermarket proposed for the former John Bull Centre site near the corner of the Princes Highway and Cambewarra Road includes the demolition of existing structures, bulk earthworks, construction of a retail development (Woolworths supermarket), associated car parking, advertising signage, landscaping, new vehicle access points and works within the adjoining road reserve.

The decision is the subject of a rescission motion by Crs Guile, Kitchener and Findlay and will be reconsidered at the next full council meeting.

“I was in awe of the discussion and the end result,” Mr Hindmarsh said.

“I was amazed Team Gash voted as a block to support the application.

“We didn’t know which way council would jump and what might come from left field. Well that happened.

“They went totally against the planners’ recommendation.

“There is no technical merit to the decision, and they didn’t observe established principles of planning, in particular the Local Environment Plan, that was approved in 2014.

“They didn’t observe the detail zoning obligations. None of these things were mentioned by the people who voted for it, Team Gash.”

He said the decision could have some big ramifications for not only the Shoalhaven but all regional areas in NSW.

“If this proposal is approved it will have ramifications for not only Bomaderry but also South Nowra,” he said.

“It is as if zoning means nothing. This could set a precedent which could be used across the state.”

He said members of the Don’t Bomb Bomaderry group had met with a number of councillors, including those on Team Gash.

“Most were non-committal, they wanted to see what the planners had to say but when planners put their information on the table, none of them addresses those issues or took the issues to heart,” he said.

He also refuted claims made by Mayor Joanna Gash the proposal would provide more jobs for the local area.

“The argument of extra jobs is just salacious,” he said.

Don’t Bomb Bomaderry spokesperson Wes Hindmarsh.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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